Oct 20 2009

FD Round 7; Race to the Championship

FD Judgment Day in Irwindale and Tuerck was on fire; winning the Round 7 event and finishing second in championship points race.  The team had a long week ahead of them, getting out to the West Coast on Monday to prep the car after the six week rest that the series had between Sonoma and Irwindale.  Practice kicked off on Thursday and fortunately, Ryan was able to get in the most track time and laps than any other driver. Go to the best and play with us ruby slot. A big bonus for everyone who came!

Taking advantage of the testing time, the team discussed a few issues with the Mobil 1 Solstice and made changes for Friday’s practice.  Ryan was able to pick up big speed in the bank and was starting to really work on the clipping points.  The crew parked the car and waited for qualifying to begin.  In front of a good crowd on Friday night, Ryan made his first qualifying run and he got a decent score which put him around the 8 spot.  Ryan and Gary talked about a few changes that the judges were looking for and during the 2nd qualifying round, Ryan ran super fast with a solid line that landed the GR team in the number 2 spot on the ladder behind JTP. 

For the GR to win the championship, Chris Forsberg needed to get knocked out in the top 32.  Forsberg did not get knocked out until the top 16 and won the championship after a very successful season.  The show went on for Tuerck; he went round after round.  First, taking out privateer Matt Walden in the top 32 and then going up against Nishida in the top 16.  Tuerck advanced through to the great 8 onto the final 4 where he met X-Games rally gold medalist, Tanner Foust.   The round was a nail biter, but Tuerck was able to make it past Foust to meet the monstrous V8 of Tyler McQuarrie in the finals.  The Eco-tec powered Solstice seemed to be too much for the tire smoking 350Z.

GR and Tuerck won the event in front of a sold out crowd at Irwindale Speedway, ending the season second in the championship points race, only 6 points behind Forsberg!

“I would like to congratulate Forsberg on the championship and for all of his successes this season,” said Gardella.  “I would also like to thank all of the people at Mobil 1 who made it out to Irwindale,” continued Gardella, “to show their support and to cheer on the Mobil 1 Solstice.  I do not want to forget about our long time friends at Theory who made the long trip out from FL; Andy and Phil, thank you.”